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Tryfacta offers solutions for new technologies such as Cloud, DevOps, Container-based Virtualization, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) and Everything-as-a-Service across industries.  Tryfacta has years of experience to help you adopt newer technologies as well as enable you to manage your existing application needs. For over 22 years, Tryfacta has been providing Staff Augmentation Services for Commercial and Government Agencies. 

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tryfacta Team
tryfacta Team

Tryfacta's team has over 27 years of extensive experience across multiple industriy areas of implementation of technologies such as cloud solutions, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, cyber security, and enterprise applications. 

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tryfacta Clients



Tryfacta designs hyper-personalized customer experiences, using the latest technologies such as Machine Learning, Omni-channel Monitoring & Social Media Integration, Conversational User Interface (UI), Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Voice and Biometric Capabilities, Mobile and Cloud Computing, and Smart & On-demand Solutions.

Cloud &


Tryfacta provides cloud services, including SaaS, IaaS, and/or PaaS, with a large portfolio of cloud solutions utilizing Public, Community and Hybrid Deployment models. Our Service and Deployment models provide everything from unmanaged servers, storage and virtual cloud networking to managed servers, email and virtual desktops.

Cyber Security

Tryfacta's cyber security services framework derives its strength from the fundamental pillars of the Cybersecurity Tower, consisting of Security Monitoring; Infrastructure Security; Threat & Vulnerability Management; Governance, Risk & Compliance; Identity & Access Management; Mobile Security, Cyber Analytics, and Data Privacy & Security. 

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